Honey FAQs

My honey is starting to crystallize in the jar. Is it still good?

Honey will never go bad, it will however, eventually crystallize. First turning cloudy, then forming granular crystals of sugar.

It’s perfectly normal for honey to crystallize and does not mean that the quality of the honey has changed. Honey is least likely to crystallize if stored at room temperature. To re-liquefy your crystalized honey, stand the lightly sealed jar into a container of warm water for 20 minutes, or run under a hot tap. The honey will gently liquefy. You will want to stir it to speed even heating. Do not boil it, getting the honey too hot will darken it and degrade it’s flavor. No need to refrigerate it, in fact, refrigeration will speed up the crystallization process.

Why is raw unfiltered honey better?

The simple reason is that it taste better and is better for you. Most commercial honey packers blend, heat and filter their honey to increase shelf life and consistency. Unfortunately the flavonoids, enzymes, fragrant volatiles, and particles of pollen and propolis that make honey exciting and delicious get destroyed or removed in this process. This is what sets raw honey, like ours, apart from your common supermarket honey.

How should I store honeycomb?

The best way to keep raw honeycomb is at room temperature in a cabinet or on a counter top. Keep it in the plastic box to prevent any unwanted visitors from getting into it. Of course, avoid exposing your honey to water. It does not need to be in a refrigerator, where it may begin to crystallize.

Is the comb edible?

The wax cells of honeycomb are not only edible, but very beneficial because they contain natural vitamin A as well as healthy roughage.

For more information on honey and honeybees, please see our section About Honey.